The Dodo * lives!


My name is Doris Müller and I am a freelance graphic designer. 
I work alone and from all over the world – as a freelancer delivering directly to agencies or publishers that engage me, or for individuals and companies.
 Specializing in corporate design, publishing, design, packaging and typography, in which I want the projects I present to cover a truly broad cross-section! 

After graduating as a designer in 2004, I worked both for network agencies and for owner-managed businesses and mainly served medium to large customers.
In the last 8 years, I acquired my know-how by completing various international projects and productions in Asia, the USA and Australia. (YUUNMEE & FREY WILLE).

In an agency with a staff of 12, I was also an Account Executive for more than a year and learned how to serve customers. Fair drafting projects & clearing final prints were also part of my everyday life, although I prefer to concentrate on the layout stage.

From autumn 2009, I worked for two and half years in the in-house design department of a global jewelry manufacturer that has over 550 employees working in corporate design. I also supervised a team of 8 designers for about a year.

I am inspired by design, typography, and cultural history from around the world. My journeys to Japan, the U.S., Iceland, New Zealand and Australia made a particular impression on me. I am impressed by the simple aesthetics of the Japanese, the illustrative style of the Americans, and the typography of the British and the Dutch. 

From time to time, I ponder over my latest ideas or write about my latest expeditions in my blog. 

Discover Dodo’s world: my previous projects and the clients for whom I have worked.


(* Latin: Raphus cucullatus)


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